• Mohammed Shamaa

Shooting Seagulls on the Move

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Welcome to my first blog post where I write and share some insights about all things photography.

Wildlife is one photography genre that i am really passionate about. I have recently tried to capture flying and moving seagulls at the beautiful Dubai Creek Park. While it can be an incredibly difficult task to get sharp and in-focus images of flying birds, I managed to get a few keeper shots out of more than 700 images I took with my Canon 80D camera and the Canon 55-250mm lens.

Even though the 80D is not a specialized sports or wildlife lens, it is a very good all-around camera, but one that needs practice especially with nailing the focus right on the fast-moving seagulls. The Canon 55-250mm lens is a very good lens, however the relatively short focal length can sometimes be limiting.

Here are some shots. Hope you like them.

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